John.k Runnin (Rainer + Grimm Remix)

JOHN.k - "Runnin" Music Remix

Pop star newcomer, JOHN.k, having gone from a mere blip on the radar to a hotly-tipped up and comer, has already made a dent in the sometimes "impossible to pass through" pop scene with his debut single “Runnin.”

Now with the help of Rainer + Grimm, JOHN.k (former American Idol, Johnny Keyser) has an opportunity to further a name for himself within the deep house music world, thanks to the official remix of “Runnin.'” Heavily reminiscent of the sound of Disclosure and Sam Smith, Rainer + Grimm’s garage-tinged remix possesses that proven hit-making concoction of a powerful sing-a-long top-line and four on the floor rhythm.

Stay tuned for additional music interpretations of “Runnin'” still to come on the track’s official remix package, and look out for JOHN.k ’s soon-to-be-announced full length album, coming soon.